Connie Albers

Connie Albers homeschooled all five of her children, a journey lasting 21 years. She is a respected leader and trusted mom who continues to support the homeschool community. For 28 years she has been leading, speaking, and equipping parents who are in the trenches of building strong families.

Session: Remaining Steadfast During High School

Do you get tired of the constant challenges of parenting high schoolers? Come learn why being steadfast during the teen years are the most critical and crucial years of your homeschooling journey. Learn how you can navigate this season with confidence and experience the rewards of homeschooling through high school.

Session: Discover What’s Right With Your Middle School Child:

Have you found yourself wondering what’s wrong with your middle schooler? This presentation Connie will focus on tools that will increase your understanding of how God made your child, and you. This is the beginning of the transition years. They stop needing a mommy and start needing a mentor. And as a parent you are the best mentor they could have. Come discover what is “right” with your tween.


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