Joshua Adams

A homeschool graduate, Joshua started programming at 11 years old and began developing web applications just a few years later. His first entrepreneurial endeavors were started even younger and there’s never been a time ever since when he hasn’t been developing one business or another. He has blended his web development, entrepreneurial and marketing skillsets and experiences to found Rock Paper Simple.

Session: From Homeschool Kid to “Head Honcho”- Following the Entrepreneurial Dream

Ever a believer in “Empowering Talented People”, Joshua will spend this workshop sharing what it means to follow the entrepreneurial dream and how his homeschool background helped shape him as a businessman. He will share the story of his journey from a homeschool kid in the small town of Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania (population 700) to the “Head Honcho” of a digital marketing agency in Melbourne, Florida. Joshua looks forward to encouraging homeschool parents to present entrepreneurial opportunities for their kids and bring to light the simple things that his parents did to help him get to where he is today.

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