Suzanne Nunn

Suzanne has a passion for homeschooling and for helping to equip others who want to homeschool their children. After 13 years of teaching in public and private school, serving as a peer mentor to new teachers and co-writing several curriculums, Suzanne was called to begin a homeschooling journey with her own children. With more than 10 years of successful homeschooling experience, Suzanne’s passion to help others begin and succeed in their homeschool journey has been realized as she has served in leadership with her local homeschool support group and is now serving as Chairman of the Board for Florida Parent Educators Association. Suzanne enjoys speaking to families and reminding them that God has placed them right where they are for a purpose. She is passionate about encouraging them to just “dive in” and embrace these moments, trusting that God will work all to His glory.

Session: Homeschooling 101

Are you new to homeschooling? Then come hear valuable information on understanding your rights, responsibilities and the resources that are available to you! Let us help you get started on your homeschool journey!

FPEA Membership Benefits
Come listen as Suzanne explains the important benefits of joining the Florida Parent-Educators Association (FPEA). She will tell you all about the great discounts, resources, and the newest benefit – Continuing Education Units for teachers!



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